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I’ve gained a number of followers that I never thought I would achieve, and this giveaway is to thank all of you for your continued support and friendship! 


  • must be following me
  • likes do not count.
  • reblog once for entry.
  • NO giveaway blogs


Winner gets:

  • The above poster (16.4” x 21.9”) designed by myself, printed from Redbubble, and signed by the following Supernatural actors: Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Ty Olsson, Tyler Johnston, Osric Chau, Adam J Harrington, AJ Buckley, and Gabriel Tigerman.

Shipping will be worldwide, you can enter from anywhere (except outer space, FedEx doesn’t go there…)

This will end August 31st at 12:00pm PST!

(And there may be a couple surprises along the way, I have some cool things up my sleeve ;) keep an eye out!)

A little known fact: Misha wrote “DO NOT EAT!” after I asked him what Castiel’s reaction would be to seeing this as an actual campaign poster of Crowley’s :3

Keep an eye on this post the next couple days, I’ll be adding some more stuff (aka SDCC swag!)

Here we go! An update! Along with the above poster, the winner will also receive their choice of 4 of the following posters! They will also receive the GotG sticker, the Original Sin bouncy ball, and a set of 5 Game of Thrones tattoos!

With this handful of merch to give away, I’ve decided to have a runner-up! This second winner will win:

  • the remaining 3 posters that the winner does not choose
  • the remaining 3 pins
  • one X-Men poster (as I have two reversible posters, each winner will get one)
  • One set of 5 Game of Throne temporary tattoos

Reblog and good luck! If I find more things to add, I’ll most likely extend the end date!

UPDATE: EXTENDING THE DEADLINE AN EXTRA WEEK in order to try to find more things to add. The new deadline to enter will be September 7th!

It's really weird but TBC are already out as a hardcover in Austria (where it usually comes out last) Really weird... However, it's great, I love your blog, have fun :)


Yes, I believe Germany also has a hardcover out by now, so it’s really weird that English version comes out later :)

Thank you so much! <3

Shadowhunters and Downworlders, are you asleep? :)
I just wanted to say that I&#8217;m absolutely still here, I&#8217;ve just been sooooo busy that it hurts. 
I&#8217;m counting days until the release of The Bane Chronicles so I can re-read cute Malec stuff and all that &lt;3

Shadowhunters and Downworlders, are you asleep? :)

I just wanted to say that I’m absolutely still here, I’ve just been sooooo busy that it hurts. 

I’m counting days until the release of The Bane Chronicles so I can re-read cute Malec stuff and all that <3

i hope it's okay to ask but .. i went to check your fanfictions as you recommended and i saw you wrote english is not your native language, so i wondered where are you from?


Yeah, sure, no problem - I’m from Poland :) 


I just finished reading Twist and Shout. 

God, I need some moral support…

*curls up in a ball and cries herself to sleep*


Hey guys! <3 I’m so so sorry for posting it(don’t be mad at me for spamming you with it) but my second OTP - Destiel(the first is Malec) needs help, even if you’re not in Supernatural fandom! 

We are currently losing by ~30k votes with Sterek(which is another amazing ship) but maybe if Destiel wins, we could get at least something-something after ten years of Supernatural and they’re still not canon! 

So please, if you have time, vote for Destiel, I will love you forever! 

You can vote here: unleash gay power 

Thank you and sorry for this advert! 

Also, if you are in Teen Wolf fandom and don’t want to vote for Destiel, that’s okay, I still love you(and I love Sterek too). <3

Long story short…

I was bored and tried one of the RP Generators… And guess what. 

By the Angel just imagine it! I think I’m gonna die of cuteness *-*


This is forever making me laugh..


The Iron King, Beautiful Creatures, The Maze Runner, Hunger Games, Twilight? :)


I don’t know The Iron King even from Tumblr, I’m sorry :C The rest is under a cut so I don’t spam you guys! :D 

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Just imagine Sam, Dean and Cas running a hairdresser’s salon:

Shaving people,

hairstyle things,

family business.

Queer as Folk :)


I don’t know this show(definitely will start watching it tho) so I will just go by tumblr :D 

  • Push off a cliff - Michael
  • Frick frack - Brian
  • Marry - Hunter
  • Set on fire - Carl
  • Wrap a blanket around - Justin
  • Be roommates with - Gale


Infernal Devices?

TMI and TID :)

The Infernal Devices for the fandom thingy

  • Push off a cliff - Jessamine
  • Frick frack - Will
  • Marry - Jem
  • Set on fire - Nate
  • Wrap a blanket around - Sophie
  • Be roommates with - Gideon